Eric Hull, Conductor

Editions published and performed:


Published by Ricordi-BMG for the first performances in modern times at the Festival della Valle d'Itria in Martina Franca, conducted by Eric Hull. Recorded by Dynamic.


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The opera that inaugurated Milan’s Teatro alla Scala in 1778, the edition was performed in occasion of the theatre’s re-inauguration following its refurbishment in 2004, conducted by Riccardo Muti.














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An edition for Teatro alla Scala based on the original manuscript with Adam’s original orchestration. Currently in regular use at La Scala.



Together with the orchestra Concerto Köln, Eric Hull is currently researching the works of Napoleonic Maltese composer Nicolò Isouard, in particular his most well know work, Cendrillon.

Editorial policy:


Acutely aware of the frustration and confusion caused to the performer by over-abundant editorial intervention, but also aware of the necessity for maximum efficiency in modern-day performing situations, Eric Hull usually publishes both a Critical Edition as well as a  Performing Edition of the same work, leaving the choice of performance material up to the performer, based on how much editorial input he desires. Of course, all intervention is fully and clearly documented, and the performance material is printed using the most recent computer technology.


The Critical Edition is meant as a performing edition for modern theatres requiring maximum efficiency, but without interfering with the performer’s right to decide subjective interpretative matters for himself.  Editorial intervention has been kept to a minimum, limiting itself to clarification, correction and realization, with any major additions or changes clearly identified.

The Practical Edition is a subsequent edition built upon the previous Critical Edition. This edition is usually specific to a production in which Eric Hull will be conducting, but may be used in situations in which the performers prefer to accept the editor’s subjective interpretational decisions. Anxious to keep editorial and interpretational criteria very separate and identifiable, the aim in this Practical Edition is to save both the aggravation and the precious rehearsal time involved in getting historic musical style in a modern professional situation. Much of what would have come naturally to a period performer has been made explicit for the modern performer (notably dynamics and agogical emphasis), and personal interpretative directorial preferences have been printed directly into the vocal score and orchestral parts.

The unfamiliarity with a work which has not been performed in centuries presents considerable difficulties and obstacles to Theatre Directors, agents and performers interested in programming or casting the work. For this reason, all editions are complete with the following guides, so that all pertinent information is close at hand:


Eric Hull’s quest for stylistic clarity in his performances has led to the parallel and complimentary activity of preparing musical editions available for print, performance and recording based on principal primary contemporary sources and treatises.

Salieri, Europa riconosciuta, original poster
Corisandre, ou les foux par enchantement